Attic Insulation Installation with PreFix

Texas continues to see record breaking hot summers followed by biting cold winters, and you're probably working hard to keep your home comfortable.

A properly insulated attic makes it easier to maintain comfortable temperatures in your home, while saving you up to 10% on energy bills, and putting less strain on your HVAC system.

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Available fall-through-spring to PreFix members in:

  • Austin
  • Dallas
  • Houston
  • San Antonio

Home Insulation 101

What is R-value, and why is it important?

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The R-value measures the resistance of an insulating material to conductive heat flow. The higher the R-value, the greater the insulating effectiveness.

Depending on region, it is generally recommended to maintain an R-value between 38 and 60 in your home.

A properly insulated home can:

  • Lower energy costs
  • Put less strain on your HVAC system
  • Help keep your home comfortable
  • Reduce carbon footprint

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PreFix Insulation Installation

We Choose ProCat Blown-in Insulation

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Blown-in insulation is an unbonded loosefill fiberglass thermal insulation.

The benefits include:

  • High Performance: With an R-Value of 2.8 per inch, ProCat insulation is designed to provide optimal thermal performance, ensuring your home stays cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.
  • Eco-friendly: Made from fiberglass, it's a sustainable choice that's safe for the environment and your home.
  • Easy Installation: Being a blown-in insulation, it can be quickly and efficiently installed in attics, walls, and tight spaces, ensuring comprehensive coverage.

What it Costs

PreFix pricing, and available rebates and tax credits

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ProCat blown-in insulation starts at just $1.50/sqft with PreFix.

Common projects range from $1,750 and $3,500.

Up to $1,200 tax credit may be available against an installation project for eligible homes.

Learn more about IRS insulation tax incentives

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PreFix Insulation Service FAQ

  • What is included in the consultation?
  • How long does the installation process take?
  • What R-value should I expect after installation?
  • After installation will the new insulation retain it's R-value forever?
  • Can there be any other costs outside of installation labor and materials?
  • Is there any maintenance required?
  • Do you offer any warranties or guarantees?
  • May I provide my own insulation materials for PreFix to install?
  • Do you offer any other kind of fiberglass insulation like rolled sheets?

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