What's in your gutters?

Clogged gutters give rain water nowhere to run, and can lead to interior and exterior water damage to your home.

That's why we're bringing you another seasonal promotion, delivered by our expert partners, 787 Construction.

Clean my gutters!

Austin Gutter Cleaning promotion:

  • Careful and comprehensive gutter cleaning service
  • Delivered by fully insured professionals
  • Coordinated by PreFix's Contractor Management team
  • Just $275 for single story homes, and $375 for 2 stories and above!

It's that time of year again!

Those falling leaves have to go somewhere...

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The winter brings us precipitation and low temperatures! This is not a great mix for your home, especially the roof and gutters! 

Our pre-vetted partners are here to help safely take care of your gutters, to keep you from having to go up that ladder yourself!

Gutter cleaning promotion from 787 Construction

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Benefits of annual gutter cleaning:

  • Keep gutters from freezing and cracking
  • Avoid roof damage to shingles and wood rot
  • Keep gutters from sagging 
  • Keep gutters healthy in help prevent mold growth
  • Keep walkways safe from debris of overflowing gutters


Gutter cleaning promotion:

$275* for single story homes

$375* for 2 stories and above

Interested? Submit a Service Request and our Contractor Management team will help coordinate:



*Note - the rate stated in the PreFix November newsletter was incorrect. Apologies to members for this error in communication.


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