Is your yard's irrigation ready for winter?

A quick freeze can damage irrigation lines and flood your yard.

That's why we're bringing you another seasonal promotion, delivered by one of our expert partners, Conserva Irrigation.

See Winterization Packages

Austin Irrigation Winterization Packages:

  • Winterization Shutoff Package
  • Winterization Shutoff & Spring Restoration Package

Winter is Coming

Package 1 - Winterization Shutoff

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For just $125 you get:

  • Irrigation system water supply shutoff 
  • Comprehensive irrigation line drainage
  • Irrigation controller shut down
  • Complete assessment of irrigation system
  • Conserva Irrigation's No Freeze Damage Guarantee™
  • 10% discount on any Conserva Irrigation system upgrades through the end of 2023, with priority booking
  • Peace of mind in preparing against cracks, leaks, and yard damage


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Package 2 - Winterization Shutoff & Spring Restoration

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For just $225 you get the Winterization Shutoff Package, and:

  • Spring irrigation system re-activation
  • Adjustment of watering times, zone by zone, according to seasonal conditions and root development
  • Inspection and adjustment of all sprinkler heads, where requested
  • 10% discount on any Conserva Irrigation system upgrades through the end of 2023, with priority booking
  • The benefit of going hands-free with your irrigation system from now until the start of summer!


Interested in this package? Submit a Service Request and our Contractor Management team will help coordinate:


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