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Maintaining a new home can feel daunting for new owners. PreFix makes it simple.

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First time owning a home?

Here are some common maintenance tasks that might surprise you:
  • Kitchen Nightmares: From a noisy dishwasher to a finicky fridge, your new home may come with appliance mysteries.
  • Seasonal Stressors: Winterizing sprinklers, prepping for hot summers, and keeping your HVAC operating efficiently.
  • Plumbing Puzzles: Clogged drains, mysterious water pressure, and a garbage disposal that won't turn on.
  • Hidden Issues: Routine maintenance will uncover potential problems lurking beneath the surface.

PreFix is Your Key to a Hassle Free Home

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  • One-Stop Solution for Home Repairs: Skip the hassle of searching for repair people.
  • Comprehensive Care: Your dedicated Home Manager is trained to handle common appliance and handyman tasks, tackling your needs efficiently and saving you time.
  • Specialist Network: We employ specialists (HVAC, carpentry, and more) and have a reliable network of trusted experts to ensure your home receives the best care, whatever the problem.

How PreFix Takes Care of It All

Here's what's included with PreFix Preventive Maintenance

  • Change HVAC system filters

  • Clean HVAC system condenser coils

  • Disinfect HVAC system condensate line

  • Test smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and change batteries
  • Flush sediment out of water heater
  • Replace water filter in refrigerator (one free filter provided)

  • Clean refrigerator condenser coil
  • Confirm burners and lights work in oven and stove
  • Inspect all appliance lights
  • Sanitize dishwasher with natural cleaning agent
  • Clean dishwasher drain and filter
  • Sanitize garbage disposal
  • Inspect toilets for valve leaks and replace as needed
  • Unclog slow or blocked drains
  • Inspect faucets for leaks and clean aerators
  • Inspect exterior plumbing for proper installation
  • Sanitize clothes washer with natural cleaning agent
  • Clean lint out of dryer and outtake vent
  • Clean clothes washer gasket

Experience Worry-Free Maintenance

PrFix members get expert guidance and personalized solutions.

  • Demystifying Maintenance
    Demystifying Maintenance We explain and provide guidance on what needs attention, when, and why, giving you a clear roadmap to responsible ownership.
  • Beyond Your Inspection
    Beyond Your Inspection We uncover hidden issues missed during inspections, preventing costly surprises and protecting your investment.
  • Someone You Can Trust
    Someone You Can Trust Our Home Managers will never use high-pressure sales tactics or try to upsell you. We focus on what you need to be done.

Hear From Our Members

  • He was VERY helpful with giving me basic tips and tricks that I could do along with info on the things he was doing and what was provided with prefix. For someone like me who is a new/first time home buyer it’s important to learn everything I can to prevent my home from falling my the wayside so this company has been truly helpful.

    Dhanita H.
    Georgetown, TX
  • It seems like a great service for homeowners like me who could use another set of eyes on all the things that need maintenance in a home and to be proactive to avoid problems before they happen.

    Kathryn H.
    Dallas, TX
  • They were very professional and right on time. Wore shoe covers on this very rainy day. I appreciate that they took the time to explain what caused the issue and what they were doing to fix it and ensure it won’t happen again. We are first-time homeowners, and I learn something every time someone from your team comes over.

    Jarod S.
    San Antonio, TX

Want to learn more about how we can help?

PreFix Helps You Master Your Home Projects

Regular maintenance, planning projects, and hands-on guidance

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  • Learn the ropes of homeownership: Regular maintenance checks become learning opportunities, helping you understand your home's systems and how to care for them properly. This empowers you to confidently handle minor issues and make informed decisions about future repairs. It's like taking a crash course in homeownership with hands-on experience.
  • Eliminate no-shows and poor quality: Instead of navigating a sea of options on Yelp/Thumbtack, unsure who's qualified, affordable, or reliable, PreFix has extensive experience with first-time homeowners' needs. Our professionals understand your challenges and tailor their approach to your unique situation.

Preventive Maintenance

We go beyond fixing problems, saving you money and headaches in the long run.

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  • Avoid surprise breakdowns: As a first-time homeowner, unexpected repairs can quickly drain your budget and cause stress. Preventive maintenance helps us identify potential risks before they become expensive repairs. Think of it as building a safety net for your homeownership journey.
  • Peace of mind in your new investment: Owning a home for the first time can bring anxieties about potential problems. Preventive maintenance gives you peace of mind, knowing you're proactively protecting your investment.

Financial Peace of Mind

We prioritize transparency and affordability, helping you stay on top of your home finances.

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  • Budget like a pro: Preventive maintenance helps you reduce unexpected repair costs that can derail your budget. By identifying potential issues early, you can plan for them, preventing financial stress and ensuring your homeownership journey remains smooth sailing.
  • Turn knowledge into savings: Taking charge of home maintenance empowers you to make informed decisions about repairs and upgrades. By understanding your home's needs and how to address them, you can potentially save money on future upgrades.