Own your home, not its problems.

Eliminate the hassle of home maintenance 

and up to 50% of the cost.

No appointment windows or waiting.

All home maintenance - no exclusions.

Lowest possible cost.

Need a hand?

We’ll get right back to you.

Introducing PreFix

How It Works

1. Dedicated Manager

Each PreFix member is assigned

a personal Home Manager. They'll keep your home running smoothly and fix anything that breaks.

2. If Something Breaks

If something breaks, just text, email or call your Home Manager. They'll fix the problem and make sure the work is done right and at the lowest possible cost.

3. Preventive Maintenance

Twice a year a Home Manager 

will perform a 30-point preventive

maintenance service on your home.

This keeps your home running efficiently - saving you time and money.

The Preventive

Maintenance Program

A semi-annual 30-point preventive maintenance service on all appliances,

HVAC, plumbing and electrical systems is included in your service.

Service tanked and tankless water heaters

Clean lint out of dryer and outtake vent

Inspect toilets for valve leaks and replace as needed

Confirm that burners and lights work in oven

Clean AC drain line

Clean dishwasher drain and filter

Unclog slow or blocked drains

Sanitize dishwasher with natural cleansing agent

Clean condenser coil on refrigerator

Clean clothes washer gasket

Sanitize clothes washer with natural cleansing agent

Clean AC condenser unit

Test smoke detectors or change batteries

Test CO detector and change batteries

Inspect faucets for leaks and clean aerators

Change AC filters

Replace water filter in refrigerator

Sanitize garbage disposal

Your Home Manager Fixes

Most Things for a $30 Copay

Examples of standard service requests include:


Unclog defrost drain

Replace mother board

Replace evaporator fan motor


Replace main control board

Replace inlet valve

Unclock drain valve

Washer / Dryer

Replace inlet valve

Replace lid switch assembly

Replace main control board


Diagnose AC issues

Clean condenser outtake

Replace thermostat


Replace toilet fill valve

Fix slow drain

Replace faucet


Replace door knobs

Caulk shower

Replace light fixtures

For repairs that are more complex and/or those requiring a licensed trade person, like an HVAC replacement, we secure negotiated rates from pre-approved contractors who are licensed as appropriate. We’ll manage the repair to completion so you don't have to think about it. Even better, you still get the best possible price.

Trust Your Home

to the Best

Your personal home manager can fix most repairs for a low $30 co-pay.

Your Personal Home Manager

Every PreFix member is assigned a personal Home 

Manager. We hire the most qualified people on earth -

military vets with impeccable records. Their goal 

is to deliver outstanding service, every day, without fail.

If something breaks, or if you simply want some

advice, your home manager is your main point 

of contact. They perform all preventive maintenance 

and fix most things for a low copayment - and almost 

no time or hassle. 

They can even take care of things when 

you aren't home!

Cameron McNeel

Home Services Manager 

Previously a Construction Superintendent

for major home builder in highest selling

neighborhoods in Central TX.

Extensive experience working with homeowners, contractors and municipal inspectors.

Sergeant and Squad Leader in U.S. Army 

where supervised maintenance of millions 

of dollars of equipment.

B.A., University of Texas

PreFix elimates the hassles of home maintenance,

but don’t take our word for it.

Kevin K.

Austin, TX

Prefix has been a great 

investment in our home. It's nice 

to know they're thinking about 

the little things that can lead to 

bigger problems.

Dana R.

Austin, TX

This is the most awesome 

service. For $40 a month 

PreFix, Inc. takes care 

of everything that my house needs maintenance wise.

Phil P.

Austin, TX

Exactly what folks like me are

looking for in terms of a 'partner 

in service'. I learned things during the visit that can help me with

my home.

Amy S.

Austin, TX

Love PreFix! We are first-time home-owners with young kids and don't want to spend a lot of time fixing/ maintaining things around the 

house, because PreFix does all that.

Vivian M.

Austin, TX

If you want to 'own your home,

not its problems' then PreFix 

is a must! They have been a huge time and money saver.

Alexis H.

Austin, TX

I use these guys in my home, I got PreFix and had 5 things fixed in one afternoon. This normally takes three different trade pros and twice as much time and money.

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