• Henry Aldrighetti

    Henry Aldrighetti

    Senior HVAC Technician

    13 years of experience in Residential HVAC with a background in heat pumps, furnaces, and zoned systems

    Building maintenance Certified with additional background in electrical and plumbing

    US Army Veteran

  • Nathan Alexander

    Nathan Alexander

    Contractor Management

    10 + years of creating premium customer experiences including clientele acquisition and retention

    Specialized in designing customized solutions for clients with an emphasis on premium home entertainment, automation, and enterprise networking

    B.B.A The Texas State University

  • Jonatan Anaya

    Jonatan Anaya

    Home Manager

    2+ years working in the multi-family industry as a maintenance technician

    Responsible for the maintenance and repairs of plumbing, carpentry, and electrical systems

    Additional experience in remediation services

  • Edgar Barrios

    Edgar Barrios

    Home Manager

    15+ years experience in property maintenance and repairs in multi-family properties

    Responsible for completing preventive maintenance, make ready and work orders for the units on the properties I serviced

  • Rodney Bertrand-Morine

    Rodney Bertrand-Morine

    Senior Home Manager

    Expert in distribution management and warehouse operations

    Expert in radio and satellite communications

    U.S. Army veteran with over 10 years of leadership and technical training

  • James Bilodeau

    James Bilodeau

    Founder and CEO

    Experience in strategic consulting with C-Level IT and Financial Services executives

    Head of Emerging Markets Finance Group at World Economic Forum

    Director, Program Management and Strategy at a mid-stage Austin startup focused on electronic payments

    B.A. (Honors), Brown University

    MBA, University of Chicago

  • Jonathan Blankenship

    Jonathan Blankenship

    Operations Associate

    Over 10+ years experience working in plumbing, electrical, and carpentry. Working on taking the Journeyman plumbing test in Texas

    Over 10+ years experience in Sales with an emphasis on acquisition and retention of new and repeat customers

    Former US Army intelligence analyst

    OSHA 10 Cert, Licensed plumbers apprentice in TX, Journeyman Plumber in multiple other states

  • Justin Braund

    Justin Braund

    Director of Operations

    Over 10 years of operations management experience across multiple industries

    Led North American operations for the world’s largest free-floating carsharing company

    Expert in team development, change management, process design, and implementation

    B.A., Ohio State University

  • Tate Christian

    Tate Christian

    Senior Home Manager

    Maintenance technician and building engineer for both multi-family developments and large healthcare facilities

    Licensed Universal EPA 608 Refrigerant Technician and Certified Pool Operator (CPO)

  • Austin Clark

    Austin Clark

    Home Manager

    8 years of experience working in the insurance underwriting inspection industry evaluating residential and commercial properties for liability hazards, physical condition concerns, and occupancy hazards

    Five years experience over seeing a team of 10 inspectors around Central and South Texas

  • Thomas Cowling

    Thomas Cowling

    Finish Carpenter

    5+ years experience as a finish carpenter, with a focus on the restoration of kitchens, bathrooms, attics, and basements

    2+ years of experience in furniture design and fabrication

    Extensive experience in home remodeling

  • Jonathan Espinosa

    Jonathan Espinosa

    Home Manager

    5+ Years of experience in the construction and flooring industry

    Experience across project coordination, blueprints and design, and extraction and installation work

  • Joe Espinoza

    Joe Espinoza

    Senior HVAC Technician

    14 years experience across HVAC installation and servicing

    Background in customer service and experienced in airflow diagnostics and electrical troubleshooting

  • Randy Fails

    Randy Fails

    Painting and Carpentry Specialist

    Over 30 plus years experience in the home building and restoration field

    Has worked as a plumber, electrician, and drywall carpenter, building and refurbishing homes

  • Juan Carlos Ferrer

    Juan Carlos Ferrer

    Full-Stack Developer

    Server architect and mobile and web services developer at Mutual Mobile

    Lead developer for SCADA sensor monitoring and control solution for the industrial market

    B.S., Mississippi State

  • Homer Flores

    Homer Flores

    Regional Training and Development Manager

    Over 15 years of experience as an independent contractor throughout Central Texas

    Former remodeling lead at a home improvement retail and remodeling startup

    Former head of construction at a full-scale home remodeling business

  • Joshua Garza

    Joshua Garza

    Home Manager

    Over 10 years of quality inspection and customer service

    Safety driver supervisor for 5 years at UPS

    Safety / liability inspection certified for 2 years

  • Jaime Godoy

    Jaime Godoy

    Senior Home Manager

    Ten years’ experience in facility maintenance and property management

    Skilled in logistical operations and functional aesthetics

    EPA Type II HVAC Certification

  • Fransisco Gomez

    Fransisco Gomez

    Home Manager

    15 years of experience in the construction and maintenance field

    Prior experience includes completion of multi-million dollar projects for leading oil and gas manufacturers

    OSHA 10 certification and Silica safety certification

  • Patrick Gonzalez

    Patrick Gonzalez

    Home Manager

    6+ years as an automotive technician

    8 years of customer service experience

    Associates Degree in Automotive Technology

  • Eural Greathouse

    Eural Greathouse

    Senior HVAC Technician

    20+ years of residential HVAC installation and repair experience

    Extensive experience with system installations and repairs for major home warranty provider

    Texas A/C contractor license holder

  • Jesus Guzman

    Jesus Guzman

    Home Manager

    Over 20 years of experience in commercial and residential maintenance

    Former Maintenance Director at Hilton Hotels

    Over 10 years of experience in HVAC, Licensed Universal EPA 608

  • Sara Hancock

    Sara Hancock

    Operations Associate

    10 years of experience in Customer Service with an emphasis in supply chain logistics, warehouse management, and operations

    Former Operations Lead for startup supplier and decorator for promotional and consumer branding

  • Charles Harkness

    Charles Harkness

    Senior Home Manager

    7 years of maintenance experience, 3 of which as a maintenance supervisor for Greystar (world's number 1 apartment homes)

    EPA certified

    Pool Certified (CPO)

    Apprentice plumber

  • Dylan Harris

    Dylan Harris

    Home Manager

    8 years of Maintenance experience

    Former campus student housing Maintenance Technician for 8 years

    HVAC Technician Certification EPA type 2 for 6 years

  • Jake Holland

    Jake Holland

    Senior Home Manager

    9+ years diesel heavy equipment technician, 4 years customer service and sales, experience as a cable install tech and tower hand

  • James Horton

    James Horton

    Associate Director, Central Operations

    Over 10 years of customer service and operations management experience

    Former Assets Protection team lead, fraud investigator, and child support enforcement analyst

    B.S., Florida International University

    M.S., Colorado State University

  • Maac Hughes

    Maac Hughes

    Houston City Manager

    Over 20 years of experience in commercial and residential maintenance

    Experience in the multifamily and assisted living industry, specializing in HVAC, commercial kitchen equipment, electrical, plumbing, and carpentry

    Former Resident Service Supervisor, Assisted Living Facilities and Maintenance Director, and HVAC Service Technician/Installer

    EPA 608 Universal and Certified Pool Operator (CPO)

  • Grant Johnston

    Grant Johnston

    Operations Associate

    Extensive experience in customer service, as well as painting and carpentry

    Former support specialist in the retail industry

    B.A., University of Sioux Falls

  • Alex Kennelly

    Alex Kennelly

    Home Manager

    10 years of work experience, heavily rooted in ranching and farming

    Former freelance carpenter and former educator

    Highly skilled in manual labor and customer service

  • Michael LeClair

    Michael LeClair

    Home Manager

    Flight Equipment Technician with 5 years of proven experience in the United States Marine Corps

    Comprehensive background in Flight Gear Maintenance, Leadership, Records Management, Peer Counseling and Logistics Tracking derived from conducting domestic operations

  • Joey Lopez

    Joey Lopez

    HVAC Technician

    Former Armory Chief and Operations Supervisor in the U.S. Marine Corp

    Former maintenance lead at an Austin-based commercial services organization

    Universal EPA 608-licensed HVAC Technician, certified in Daikin and ice machine operations

  • Eric Maneval

    Eric Maneval

    Home Manager

    Former maintenance technician and equipment operator in the environmental services and building materials sectors

    Expertise in welding, landscaping, carpentry, and plumbing

    NCCER Certified Equipment Operator

  • Sergio Masaya

    Sergio Masaya

    Austin City Manager

    Over 15 years of experience in maintenance and engineering in both multi-family and commercial buildings

    Former lead at nationwide hospital restoration company

    Mold remediation certification and HVAC Type II Certification

  • Russell McDowell

    Russell McDowell

    Carpentry Specialist

    2+ years experience in furniture refinishing, commercial installation and trim carpentry

    OSHA 30 certification

  • Cameron McNeel

    Cameron McNeel

    Contractor Management

    Construction superintendent for a major home builder in the highest-selling neighborhoods of Central Texas

    Experience working with homeowners, contractors, and municipal inspectors

    Former sergeant and squad leader in the U.S. Army, supervising the maintenance of millions of dollars of equipment

    B.A., University of Texas

  • Jason Miller

    Jason Miller

    Senior Home Manager

    Experience in fabrication and precision machining

    Former U.S. Navy mechanic in an A4W nuclear power plant

  • R'Asia Miller

    R'Asia Miller

    Customer Support Representative

    12 years in Customer Service with a heavy concentration in Public Service

    Innovator, former Policy and Procedure Specialist

    B. S., University of North Florida

  • Zack Miller

    Zack Miller

    Home Manager

    6 years of Organizational Leadership / Management experience

    Former Active Duty Military personnel

    Pre-Apprenticeship Certificate Training (PACT) Program certified PACT Electrical, PACT Carpentry, OSHA 10, OSHA 30 certified

  • Morgan McGrath

    Morgan McGrath

    Operations Associate

    10+ years experience in customer service, membership/customer retention and relationship building

    Former retail Operations Lead delivering top-notch client services and exceptional team support

    B.A., Stephen F Austin State University

  • Arthur Mora-Serrano

    Arthur Mora-Serrano

    Senior Home Manager

    Over 10 years experience in multi-family maintenance and repairs

    5+ years experience as maintenance supervisor

    Universal EPA Certification

  • Steven Myatt

    Steven Myatt

    Home Manager

    5+ Years of experience in the construction industry

    Experience ranging from sheet metal fabrication and welding, to residential applications repairing driveways, walkways and decks

  • Ismael Ochoa

    Ismael Ochoa

    Home Manager

    10 + years in customer service

    5+ years experience in service management with an emphasis in automotive preventative maintenance / technician

    Experience in plumbing specializing in water softener installations & filtration systems

  • Daniel Pantalone

    Daniel Pantalone

    Home Manager

    10+ years experience in multi-family and remodeling space conducting make-ready, remodeling and installation work for clients

    Experienced in plumbing, carpentry, electrical, framing, tiling, painting and installation services

  • Frank Quintana

    Frank Quintana

    Home Manager

    4+ years of experience in multi-family property maintenance as a maintenance supervisor.

    Background in appliance repair, general plumbing, handyman repairs, and make-ready services for all units.

  • Anabeth Ramirez

    Anabeth Ramirez

    Customer Support Representative

    7+ years in customer service with diverse experience in retail, call center, help desk and hospitality environments

    A dedicated, problem-solving customer service representative, motivated by improving customer experiences

  • Martin Ramos

    Martin Ramos

    Senior Home Manager

    Over 15 years of plumbing, electrical, carpentry, appliance, and maintenance experience

    Over 10 years of experience as self-employed handyman and remodeling service

    Background in multi-family property maintenance and repairs

  • Jerry Richardson

    Jerry Richardson

    Home Manager

    Experience as a Home Inspector in the residential space

    Over 5 years of experience as a certified trainer in the restaurant business

    Managed new restaurants for grand openings and managing all logistics

  • Francisco Rodriguez

    Francisco Rodriguez

    Master Painter

    Over 10 years experience in professional painting across the construction industry

    Highly attentive to detail, with skills across multiple surfaces, materials and applications

    Passionate about project delivery and exceeding customer expectations

  • Martin Salcedo

    Martin Salcedo

    San Antonio City Manager

    Over 10 years of experience in the maintenance field with experience in both warehouse facility maintenance and property management

    Former Maintenance Supervisor / Property Manager at a top 25 nationally recognized property management company. Former Facility Maintenance Manager, and Occupational Safety Coordinator

    EPA 608 Universal Certification, Certified Swimming pool operator (CPO) , ODEQ Class C Wastewater Operator License, Maintenance Technologist certification, and OSHA 10 & 30 certifications

  • Miguel Salinas

    Miguel Salinas

    Home Manager

    6 years experience in multi family properties as a maintenance technician and lead tech

    1 year experience in single family residential maintenance

    CPO and EPA certified

  • Matt Sellers

    Matt Sellers

    Home Manager

    Over 20 years in management and customer service experience.

    Experience in mechanical, electrical, painting, plumbing and landscaping.

  • Trey Silva

    Trey Silva

    Home Manager

    Background in construction management, property management, and landscaping

    Expertise in residential and commercial maintenance

  • Christian Solis

    Christian Solis

    Home Manager

    4+ years experience in property management and preventive maintenance with a major retailer

    10+ years experience in customer service

  • Rachel Stansbury

    Rachel Stansbury

    Operations Associate

    Experience in providing top-notch customer service with a focus on efficiency, relationship building, and customer care

    Former nutrition coach for national meal plan service model

    B.S., Texas Women’s University

  • Nick Stirling

    Nick Stirling

    Head of Product

    Previously ran a leading boutique digital agency in Hong Kong, managing an expert team of designers, engineers, and strategists

    Delivered app and web solutions to clients including Fortune 50, Hong Kong mid-market, and early-stage start-ups

    Expert across customer experience, business operations, and design and technology

    B.A., Manchester Metropolitan University

  • Chase Underwood

    Chase Underwood

    Dallas City Manager

    3+ Years experience as territory Home Manager in the Austin market, with extensive knowledge and expertise in all home maintenance and repair scope of work

    Former U.S. Navy Operations Specialist in the Combat Information Center

    Former database manager maintaining Global Command Control System

    Studied business abroad at the Chinese University of Hong Kong

    B.A., University of Texas

  • Evan Wade

    Evan Wade

    Home Manager

    10 years of experience in customer service

    Background in Landscape Management, Landscape Construction, Labor and Handyman work

    B.A., Indiana University Bloomington

  • Prentice Wimes

    Prentice Wimes

    Senior HVAC Technician

    25+ years of residential HVAC installation and repair experience, specializing in air conditioners, furnaces, and heat pumps

    Texas A/C contractor license holder

  • Dexter Zabriskie

    Dexter Zabriskie

    Operations Associate

    Experienced in customer service and operations in various industries

    Former Operations Specialist for an early stage rideshare startup

    B.A. Texas State University