Off-Season HVAC Duct System Assessment

Have a newer HVAC system but your home's HVAC ducts have never been replaced? Stale smells or air-flow inconsistencies can be common place.

PreFix Specialty HVAC offers a quick, inexpensive assessment to catch issues that could be affecting your home's comfort.

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Available to PreFix members in*:

  • Austin
  • San Antonio
*PreFix Specialty HVAC coming soon to Houston and Dallas.

HVAC Ducts, and Why They Matter

Your home's duct system channels conditioned air to the vents around your home

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Duct systems should be:

  • Efficiently designed
  • Undamaged and well maintained
  • Free of humidity issues and microbial growth

Common Duct System Issues

Escaping air - Holes, gaps, or poorly sealed connections can allow conditioned air to escape into unwanted spaces in your home, such as your attic or crawl spaces.

Poorly designed or installed - Duct systems may have oversized or undersized ducts, or duct runs that are longer than needed.

New system, old ducts - Homes may have a new HVAC system, but the original ducts from when the home was built.

Unwanted odors - Ageing or damaged ducts can lead to unwanted microbial growth in the system, stale smelling air, and possibly even foul odors!

Off-Season HVAC Duct Work Consultation

Available now through February 2024

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PreFix Specialty HVAC offers members a stand-alone Duct Work Consultation for just $79 per system.

Duct Work Consultations take around 1 hour, and include:
  • Inspection of your home's duct system, with documentation of any issues
  • Capture of CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute) air flow readings at vents around your home, to identify pressure inconsistencies

Note - a review of your home's duct system is included in both of our Off-Season Tune-Up options.

Current member? Book your Off-Season Duct Work Consultation!

Just $79 per system

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Duct Work Consultations delivered by the PreFix Specialty HVAC team

Extraordinary experience, with the transparent and problem solving approach that our members deserve

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    Little or large repairs in a timely and transparent manner

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    General Repairs

    From compressors, to capacitors and thermostats, we'll take on any repair to keep your home cool. During peak season (the hot Texas summer) we strive to reach all member emergencies within 24 hours.

  • Off-Season Tune-Ups

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    Off-Season Tune-Ups

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    Full System Installations

    Only when all other options are exhausted will we recommend a new HVAC system. The PreFix Specialty HVAC team has decades of experience across all system installations, and hardware brands.