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  • Rigorous hiring process
  • Skills and safety training
  • Monthly educational opportunities
  • Specialty skills development

The PreFix Home Manager

Problem-Solver, handyman, and home care expert

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Alongside your PreFix Preventive Maintenance Plan, your dedicated Home Manager allows you to put your home on autopilot.

Spend less time fixing your house and more time living in it.

Why You Need a Home Manager

  • Maintain Your Home
    Maintain Your Home Your home receives a 30-point maintenance visit twice a year for year-round peace of mind.
  • Improve Your Life
    Improve Your Life Schedule your Home Manager to install ceiling fans, mount TVs, and add Smart Home devices.
  • Protect What's Yours
    Protect What's Yours The extended PreFix Team helps you resolve appliance issues, warranty claims, and safety upgrades.

Skilled Generalists

  • Snake your shower drain

  • Replace a ceiling fan

  • Install a smart door lock

  • Caulk your kitchen counter

  • Install a new shower head

  • Wall mount your new TV

  • Install a video doorbell

  • Replace your toilet fill valve and flapper

  • Unclog your kitchen sink

  • Swap in your new set of faucets

  • Winterize your exterior hose bibs

  • Silence that squeaky door hinge

  • Adjust irrigation sprinkler heads

  • Replace a garbage disposal

What Else Can a Home Manager Handle?

Home Manager are trained to solve 80% of the issues we see in our member's homes

  • Handyman

    Caulk shower
    Replace light fixtures
    Replace faucet

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    • Repair towel bar/toilet paper holder
    • Install cabinet hardware
    • Replace doorknobs
    • Caulk shower/grout caulk repair
    • Replace and install light fixtures
    • Repair cabinet hinges
    • Mailbox repair
    • Repair door weather stripping
    • Repair moldings
    • Mount TVs
    • Replace towel racks and rods
    • Install wireless cameras
    • Install bike racks
    • Install video doorbells
    • Hang shelves/pictures
    • Replace/install window blinds/shades
    • Hang curtains and rods
    • Small drywall repair
    • Minor door adjustments
    • Door/window screen repair
    • Install new door locks
    • Garage door seal repair/replacement
    • Repair and replace outlets
    • Replace GFCIs
    • Install ceiling fans
    • Replace faucet
    • Replace garbage disposal
    • Unclog slow drain
    • Repair P trap

  • Refrigerator

    Unclog defrost drain
    Replace motherboard
    Replace evaporator fan motor

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    • Clean condenser coils
    • Replace door dispenser switch
    • Replace door dispenser motor
    • Replace door light switch
    • Replace dispenser solenoid
    • Replace door actuator motor
    • Replace bent or broken ice crusher blades
    • Replace ice bucket auger motor
    • Replace water inlet valve
    • Replace ice maker assembly
    • Replace water filter housing
    • Replace water filter
    • Repair water dispenser line
    • Thaw water dispenser tube
    • Replace ice maker switch
    • Replace light bulb
    • Repair light switch
    • Replace water inlet valve
    • Replace light bulb
    • Replace light socket

  • Washer / Dryer

    Replace inlet valve
    Replace lid switch assembly
    Replace main control board

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    Washer / Dryer

    • Replace heating element
    • Replace dryer flame sensor
    • Replace dryer igniter
    • Replace dryer thermostats
    • Replace dryer timer
    • Replace dryer glide
    • Replace dryer drive motor
    • Replace dryer felt seal
    • Replace dryer start switch
    • Replace dryer lint filter
    • Replace dryer moisture sensor
    • Replace drum rollers and wheels
    • Replace inlet valve
    • Replace lid and door switch assembly
    • Replace main control boards
    • Replace dryer blower wheel
    • Replace dryer thermal fuse
    • Replace washer door lock and latch
    • Replace washer tub seal and bearing
    • Replace washer drain pump
    • Replace washer balance ring
    • Replace washer machine clutch
    • Replace washer balance spring
    • Replace door boot seal
    • Replace washer drain hose
    • Replace washer drive belt
    • Replace washer drive pulley
    • Replace washer snubber pad and ring
    • Replace washer suspension rod
    • Replace washer tub wear pad
    • Replace washer water inlet valve

  • Plumbing

    Replace garbage disposal
    Fix slow drain
    Replace faucet

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    • Replace garbage disposal
    • Replace faucet fixture
    • Replace toilet wax ring
    • Repair P trap
    • Inspect hot water heater plumbing
    • Replace cartridge and seals in fixtures
    • Replace shower head
    • Remediate clogged toilet
    • Replace disposal control switch
    • Install shower/tub handles
    • Unclog slow drain
    • Replace fill valve and flapper in toilet
    • Repair/replace sink drain
    • Replace food disposal
    • Install hose bib (threaded type)
    • Install kitchen/bathroom faucet
    • Locate water meter and shutoff valve
    • Electric water heater heating element replacement
    • Gas water heater control box replacement
    • Water heater thermocouple/thermopile replacement
    • Gas water heater burner replacement

  • Dishwasher

    Replace main control board
    Replace inlet valve
    Unclog drain valve

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    • Replace main control board
    • Replace inlet valve
    • Unclog drain valve
    • Replace touchpad
    • Replace control panel
    • Replace dispenser lid
    • Replace detergent dispenser
    • Replace dispenser actuator
    • Replace door seal
    • Replace pump gasket
    • Replace heating element
    • Test heating element for continuity
    • Replace drain pump
    • Replace flood switch
    • Replace vent fan motor
    • Replace float switch
    • Replace door latch
    • Replace door lock
    • Replace door strike
    • Replace door hinge
    • Replace thermal fuse
    • Dishwasher removal
    • Dishwasher installation

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  • PreFix has been a great investment in our home. It’s nice to know they’re thinking about the little things that can lead to bigger problems.

    Kevin K.
    Hyde Park
  • This is the most awesome service. For $40 a month, PreFix takes care of everything that my house needs maintenance-wise.

    Dana R.
  • The technicians got busy right away. They knocked out eight items in just about three hours. Some of these tasks may seem doable for most but with my severe carpel tunnel and back issues, these things are a struggle for me. Pre-Fix handymen did the job efficiently and professionally which relieved a lot of stress on me and my family.

    Bernard R.
    San Antonio