Most home appliances will last for an average of ten years, which is true according to most manufacturers and consumers alike. Some manufacturers give a lifespan of 20 years or even more, but this does not guarantee that these appliances will never need a repair service in that time period. According to most consumers, appliances start developing issues within the first five years, and therefore you can expect to repair your appliances starting within this time frame.

Making prompt repairs and regularly maintaining your home appliances will extend their lifespan. Some home appliances that may often require repairs include refrigerators, freezers, dishwashers, microwave ovens, vacuum cleaners, washing machines, air conditioners, water heaters, coffee makers, and much more.

In fact, most of us hardly seem to notice all the home appliances we have come to depend on daily for our modern conveniences. That said, finding a reliable, trustworthy, and affordable home appliance repair service is not easy. Typically a wide range of options are available to choose from, and it can be a daunting task to find one that suits your requirements. Let’s look at some of the steps that help you find the home appliance repair that is the best for you.

Finding Home Appliance Repair After an Appliance Failure

If one of your appliances stops working, you don’t have to panic. Home appliances like refrigerators or freezers can keep your food safe for hours even after they stop working. According to the FDA, a fridge can keep your food safe for four hours after a power failure, as long as the door is closed. Similarly, freezers can maintain food for up to 48 hours if the doors are not open. This time can allow you to find a reliable service provider.

Ask for Referrals

Neighbors, friends, family members, colleagues, and acquaintances will come in handy to help you find a good local home appliance repair technician. Most of them may have gone through the same experience and would be more than happy to share their story. They will share their experiences, the companies they used, and the outcome. You will get an honest and unbiased opinion.

Here are a few pertinent questions you may want to ask when you’re asking for referrals:

  • How long did it take the technician to repair the appliance?
  • Did the technician give an estimate beforehand?
  • Was the cost affordable and fair?
  • What parts of the experience made them happy with the service?
  • Was the technician clean and professional with his work?
  • Would they be happy to use the same company again?

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Check for Unbiased Reviews

Independent reviews are the best source of relevant information and a powerful indicator of what you can expect once you hire a home appliance repair technician.

According to the infographics over at ConversionSciences, online reviews have given people the opportunity to share their experiences with companies and fellow consumers. Consumers rely on those reviews in a big way to narrow down and choose businesses, services, products, and brands.

In fact, studies have shown that about 94 percent of consumers have used reviews for this purpose.

Many companies make promises on their website, but actual customer experiences will help you know if they will keep those promises. If the company has many bad reviews, it may not be wise to invest in such a company.

As you search for company reviews, note that websites such as Yelp and Yellow Pages, may come at the top of your search results and have paid advertisers. If the company is located at the very top of the results, it doesn’t mean they have the best reviews These sites often notify users of the listings with paid advertisements.

That said, you do not necessarily have to avoid companies with paid ads on these directories. Companies always have to advertise their services to be known, and if the reviews are good, chances are, their services would be good.

Watch for a Company’s Response to Bad Reviews

It may not be possible to please everyone, and therefore having a bad review should not be taken as a red flag all the time. Good companies also have some negative reviews mixed with many good reviews. Companies with only positive reviews can be suspicious.

The essential thing to note is how these companies respond to such negative reviews. A company that apologizes and promises to address the issues often shows they are willing to work with their clients and correct the situation.

Call Local Real Estate Experts

Your local realtor or people in the real estate industry will almost always have referrals at the ready. Appliance repair companies help them when their houses are ready for sale. Your local realtor could have one on retainer and even more who are reliable and affordable. They can share with you contact information, personal experiences, and a company’s scope of work.

Things to Look For After Choosing a Repair Service

Once you decide on a home appliance repair service or technician, it always pays to call them and learn more about them. First, there are some essential questions you should consider asking:

  • Payments – Ask about the preferred method of payment. Most companies will not ask for payment until they’ve finished the job. Knowing the form of payment they accept will make everything easier. Even if you’re planning to pay in cash, ask if they accept credit cards. A company asking for cash payment only may not be a legitimate company. Payment through credit cards can be traced, and most companies accept this common form of payment.
  • Insurance and License – Ask if their technicians are licensed and insured. Reputable companies have licensed and insured technicians. Besides, insurance is essential in an accident where the technician is hurt while working in your home. You do not want to be held responsible in the event of such accidents.
  • Work Guarantee – Ask if their service work comes with a guarantee on labor and parts. Your appliance should not break down a few days after the repair due to poor workmanship or substandard parts. Additionally, you should not have to make additional payments to fix such a problem.
  • The time it takes to get an appointment – Ask how long it will take to get an appointment. The appointment time needs to be reasonable so you don’t have to wait a week or more for help. Most companies will send their technicians within a day or two following your request. It’s better to avoid anything that goes for several days without certainty. Some reliable companies can even dispatch technicians the same day you make an appointment.
  • Any extra charges – Some companies may have other hidden costs that will surprise you on payment day. Others charge extra for appointments during evening and weekend hours. While this is common, you’ll at least want to know up front. It would be best to get a company that charges reasonable prices without charging additional fees, regardless of the time.

Sometimes the treatment and response you get when you make a call may indicate the type of service you can expect to get. If the company answers your questions right away without keeping you on hold for long, it indicates a company with good customer care.

Factory Certified Appliance Technicians

A company that is factory certified or authorized is more reliable. It is one of the crucial factors to consider when finding a reliable repair service for your appliances. When a manufacturer has approved a company to repair their brand products, it means the professionals in the repair company are trained to repair the manufacturer’s appliances.

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Experience is another essential concept to consider when looking for a competent home appliance repair company. An ideal company needs to have handled similar appliances for years. Above all, they should be able to repair the brand’s latest models. When doing your research, you need to learn about their continued learning and training on new models. Technology is evolving fast, and it’s being incorporated into new models. Without training in the latest models of home appliances, the job could be a challenge for them.

Your Health Safety Concerns with Appliance Repair Technicians

With the Covid-19 pandemic still affecting us, most companies follow the health guidelines issued by the CDC to protect their workers. Home appliance repairs were designated as essential services during the lockdown, but you have to remember that anyone coming to your home increases the chance of exposing you to Covid-19. According to the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM), you may want to call and ask some or all of the following questions:

  • Will technicians be wearing masks, disposable booties, and gloves?
  • What are the company’s rules on sanitation and handwashing?
  • Are the technicians willing to maintain social distancing during their visit?
  • How will the payments be handled?

You can prepare for the visit by having a readily available place for handwashing for the visiting technicians. If possible, provide hot soapy water with disposable towels before and after the repair. Technicians should also have their disinfectants, face masks, gloves, and booties on hand.

Some companies may want you to wait in another room while the repairs are done. Others may request a distance of 10 feet or even more. This all depends on the measures currently being recommended to avoid spreading the virus. When you schedule an appointment with the repair companies, they might want to check if anyone in your house is sick or has been exposed to anyone with symptoms typical of Covid-19.

Consider a Local Appliance Repair Company

To get personalized and fast service, you might want to use a local small company instead of a large company. Most people prefer a local service provider that offers customized services.

Advantages of Using Local Companies

  • Local companies often use local technicians living within the community where they offer their services. They are more committed to their work because their professional reputation is on the line.
  • Local appliance repair companies are typically privately owned, making them more flexible to do whatever they can to help, unlike large companies that have to follow corporate guidelines when offering their services.
  • Unlike large companies that depend on their brand recognition and economies of scale to make money, small companies rely on reputation. Therefore, they will be more willing to go the extra mile to impress and satisfy their customers.

Know the Cost of the Repair

Companies have a different way of calculating the cost of repairing your appliance. Most of the time, it’s not possible to come up with the price without assessing the problem. You can ask how the company determines the cost of repairs.

A company that sends its technician to make on-site diagnoses with the necessary parts will save time and costs. It is also an indication the company cares about your interests. Such price quotes and estimates give you predictability and may allow you to compare prices from different companies to decide which one is more affordable.

Other companies charge a flat rate and additional charges after assessment, which means you could be charged even if the company could not complete the repair. The best option is a company that offers a quote after diagnosing your appliance’s problem.

Choose The Best Home Appliance Repair Service and Always Have Someone You Can Trust

If one of your home appliances has developed a problem, there are many approaches you can follow to hire the right service. Asking your friends and neighbors for referrals, calling different places to compare costs, and evaluating multiple companies to decide which one you can trust will always take time, though.

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