From DIY Enthusiast to PreFix Advocate

Once a hands-on DIY enthusiast, Tony's journey from managing home maintenance tasks himself to embracing our comprehensive services offers a glimpse into the transformative power of PreFix for homeowners who may need an extra hand to get the job done.

Tony's DIY Era

Every homeowner has their approach to maintaining their space. For Tony, it was all about hands-on involvement.  

"I used to be a 'home made handyman', and would try to do as much as possible, but obviously, there were things that I needed a pro."

As time progressed, Tony leaned more towards hiring professionals for tasks he once would've done himself. He looked for help on other platforms like Home Advisor, Yelp, and Google, only to find service providers who didn't know what they were doing or could not be counted on to show up on time. 

Enter PreFix 

Tony's introduction to our services was through a special offer from USAA. Intrigued by our promise of affordable and efficient home maintenance, he explored what PreFix had to offer.

His home manager's dedication to excellence has left a lasting impression on Tony. 

"[My Home Manager was] Responsive, easy to deal with, and professional."

Fixing our Mistakes

While we strive to resolve problems on the first visit, we sometimes need a follow-up to ensure the job is done right. Tony recounted an instance where an outlet repair needed just that. 

"PreFix sent an electrician (contractor) who did a "temp fix" that looked good until the first time I plugged in and then unplugged a vacuum cleaner. PreFix sent one of their handymen who did a much better job. I paid for the electrician but was not charged for the second repair."

With our $55/hour handyman services and discounted specialty services, we're proud to offer unparalleled value to homeowners like Tony.

Blending DIY with PreFix

While Tony's DIY spirit remains intact, he now enjoys the best of both worlds.

"I love [having] someone who knows what needs to be done for preventive maintenance and is able to do it on schedule. I don't keep track, so in the past things didn't always get done when required. 
I appreciate that the PreFix team members are polite, professional in appearance and behavior, timely, and extremely capable."

Our twice-a-year preventive maintenance feature, in particular, has been a game-changer for him. Beyond periodic maintenance and the plug repair, Tony sees a world of possibilities with PreFix. Given our cost-effective services, he's optimistic about future collaborations on home projects.