When it comes to home improvements, it's crucial to find the sweet spot between cost and benefit.

This blog explores a curated list of projects categorized by cost, helping you choose the best bang for your buck!

We'll be tapping into the wisdom of the crowd. We scoured Reddit's r/homeimprovement forum to discover the most impactful projects that have truly enhanced quality of life for homeowners.

Reddit Reveals: Top Quality-of-Life Home Improvements


The r/homeimprovement subreddit community consistently prioritized improvements directly impacting your daily living - soundproofing measures for peaceful spaces, upgraded shower fixtures for a spa-like experience, and smart home features for effortless convenience. Other Redditors advocated for small outdoor improvements like string lights or a fire pit, highlighting the value of creating inviting and functional outdoor spaces.

Now, let's explore some fantastic options categorized by cost and complexity:

Small Projects (Under $200):

Exchange your outlets to add USB:

  • Charge devices easily, with less adapters
  • DIY: $15-$30 per outlet

Push button timers for exhaust fan

  • Get rid of humidity and prevent mold
  • DIY: $50-$100

"Push button timer switch in the bathroom exhaust fan. Not smart, nothing super fancy, just 5, 10, 30, 60 minute buttons so that you can let it run for a while to get the shower humidity and poop stink out but not forget and it’s running alllllllll day/night." - Chance-Work4911

Swap-in slow-closing toilet seats:

  • Less banging. More zen! 
  • DIY: $50-$200

"The downside to this is that I now assume everyone has them and slam seats down at other people's houses."BrewKazma

Switch to motion-sensing lights in your closets and garage:

  • Convenient and energy efficient
  • DIY: $20-$50 each

"Motion light for when I walk from house into the garage. I've often got something in my hands when entering the garage." - OrneryLitigator

Curved Shower Curtains:

  • Increased space for soaking in style!
  • DIY: $20-$50
USB-C Kitchen Outlet
"I replaced some outlets with the outlets with USB fittings in them, where my chargers usually go, definitely makes things easier around the house never having to carry that block around anymore" -unorthodoxgeneology

Shower Curtain
"Have a curved tension system, and the sucker doesn't move. So long as you're not doing chin-ups on it, it'll hold a shower curtain on it just fine." -justathroughfromme

Medium Projects ($200-$1,500):

Large Deep Kitchen Sink:

  • Improve functionality and dishwashing ease
  • DIY: $200-$500

"Deep single basin is the best option. I have a Kraus (square corner) and i like it a lot. Just be careful that SS sinks can be scratched by abrasive pads and cleaners. I use baking soda and white vinegar to clean it." - kemba_sitter

Under the Cabinet Lighting:

  • Enhance kitchen counter usability and aesthetics
  • DIY: $150-$1000

Reverse Osmosis Water Filter:

  • Enjoy clean drinking water and health benefits
  • DIY: $150-$500

"We installed a reverse osmosis system under our sink. Delicious and safe water for under $200." eatingganesha

Under-Cabinet Kitchen Lighting
"We had them add them during construction and we leave them on from evening til bed almost every night. It’s provides great ambient light even into our living room with our open concept. Worth every penny we paid to me" - carolina_blue

Large Projects (Over $1,500):

Privacy Fence:

  • Create a private backyard haven
  • DIY: $1,500-$4,000 (depending on size and material)

"Makes a big difference, for sure. I'm on a 1/2 acre lot, first thing i did was fence it 6' high with privacy link all the way around, gates and all. I've met my neighbours and we're friendly and all, but no one is in anyone else's business on a daily basis. It makes a difference." - Asherdan 

Privacy Fence

The most impactful projects are personal.

While many projects on this list are DIY-friendly, some might require expertise or specialized tools.

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