How a Young Family Uses PreFix to Spend More Time Together


In the landscape of homeownership, young families often navigate a steep learning curve while juggling work, raising children, and maintaining a household. PreFix emerges as a beacon, offering tailored solutions to simplify homeownership complexities. This case study delves into the experiences of Ashleigh, a first-time homeowner, and her family, showcasing how PreFix became an indispensable ally in their journey to becoming more experienced homeowners.

Discovery and Initial Impressions:

Ashleigh and her husband discovered PreFix through Facebook advertising, intrigued by promises of biannual inspections and a comprehensive maintenance checklist. Sharing her initial impressions, Ashleigh states, "What stood out to me was the biannual inspections... this checklist to make sure that you're looking at everything that a home needs." Understanding the importance of preventive maintenance, Ashleigh recognized that a proactive approach could address potential issues before they escalate, ensuring the longevity and health of their home.

Addressing the Challenge of New Homeownership: 

As first-time homeowners, Ashliegh and her husband faced numerous challenges, from managing a myriad of home-related tasks to navigating a learning curve that often proved frustrating. PreFix provided a solution with its hands-on approach to biannual inspections, offering a sense of security in maintaining this new asset effectively. Ashliegh notes, "The learning curve has been frustrating... having experts on top of [our maintenance] was something that really stood out." These challenges ranged from understanding proper maintenance procedures to dealing with unforeseen issues in their new home. 

The Time-Saving Handyman: 

A standout feature for Ashliegh's family is the accessibility of a skilled handyman through PreFix. Their dedicated Home Manager, Frank, became an invaluable resource. Describing Frank's efficiency, Ashleigh emphasizes:

"He is truly amazing. Anything that could take us hours, he handles in just minutes, saving us valuable time."

The Shared List: "Frank's To-Do List": 

A unique aspect of Ashleigh's experience is creating a shared notes file on her phone named "Frank's To-Do List" between her and her husband. This collaborative list serves as a running record of tasks they want Frank to address. Ashleigh emphasizes convenience, stating, "We keep a running record... whatever it is, whatever task” can be done with Frank’s help. 

Since hearing about this great idea, PreFix's team has built a feature inside of HomeHub to replicate this same function called "To Dos" so all our members can use this clever idea to share upcoming tasks or projects with our home managers.

Projects Completed and Future Plans: 

Frank's contributions extend beyond minor fixes, including installing TV mounts, fixing curtain rods, and undertaking various projects. Ashleigh enthusiastically shares:

"He has fixed curtain rods, curtain hangers, a lot of those hooks for the hangers. He fixed our stove that nobody else was able to fix... so many things."


Ashliegh's journey with PreFix encapsulates the essence of a comprehensive home management service that caters to the unique needs of a young family. From time-saving solutions to collaborative project management, PreFix has seamlessly integrated into their lives, providing a hassle-free homeownership experience. This case study stands as a testament to how PreFix is not just a service but a partner in the journey of turning a house into a home. 

Tired of spending your weekends working on the house instead of enjoying it with your family? PreFix can help.