Integrity and Proactiveness: Dawn's PreFix Experience 

At PreFix, we pride ourselves on our unwavering commitment to integrity and proactive home maintenance approach. Dawn's story is a testament to these values, showcasing how we prioritize our members' needs and ensure they receive the best possible service.

Discovering PreFix Through Trusted Channels

Dawn, a retired realtor with decades of experience, found PreFix through her trusted relationship with USAA. "The trust of USAA brought us to try it," she shared. Initially unsure about how PreFix differed from traditional home warranties, she soon realized the value we brought. "We got a different caliber of service. Very trustworthy," Dawn emphasized.

"We got a different caliber of service [from PreFix]"

The PreFix Promise: Proactiveness and Value 

Dawn's interactions with PreFix highlighted our proactive approach. "The value [of PreFix comes from] keeping the maintenance up to date so you're less likely to run into problems," she noted, emphasizing our commitment to preventing issues before they arise. This isn't just about fixing what's broken; it's about anticipating potential problems and addressing them head-on. 

When faced with misleading information from another home service company regarding her air conditioner, our team stepped in to provide a second opinion.  This wasn't just about correcting misinformation but proactively ensuring Dawn had the right information and felt valued. "I was surprised that PreFix didn't charge me for something other home services companies would have billed me for," she added, highlighting our commitment to transparent pricing and genuine value. 

"You're maintaining your home, and in the long run, it's going to be less than if you wasted your money on something that may not ever happen," Dawn remarked, emphasizing the value of our proactive approach compared to traditional home warranties.  

Affordable HVAC and Insulation Services 

Recognizing the essential nature of HVAC systems, PreFix offers affordable HVAC service calls and installations for all our members. Our HVAC team's new insulation service further showcases our commitment to ensuring homes are optimized for energy efficiency and comfort. 

A Reflection of Prefix's Values

Dawn's experience with PreFix underscores our dedication to integrity, value, and proactiveness. Her story serves as a beacon, reminding us of the profound impact honest, transparent, and proactive service can have on our members' lives.